Eternally Young

Hebe | 16 | Goddess of Eternal Youth | Goddess of Forgiveness

Hebe is the youngest daughter of Zeus and Hera. Hera is very protective of her daughter and rushes away any man who sets their eyes upon her. Hebe of course just wants to be normal, she sometimes wishes she weren’t a Goddess. Hebe is a very sweet girl, much unlike her mother, though she is constantly striving for the utmost approval of her parents.

"Hebe is the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Hera and a little less known than most of her other siblings due to a life practically devoid of scandalous escapades."

Hebe can make one appear younger than they actually are with a touch if she pleases, but rarely does she enjoy using her power. Hebe is incapable of feeling psychical pain, though no one has ever attempted to attack the youngest daughter of Zeus regardless.


Sad about the lack of activity around here :(

I’m gonna reply to Ares in a bit, but in the mean time anyone interested in starting something tonight?

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only for her

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Mother/Daughter bonding 

Hebe tilted her head to the side, weighing the pros and cons of bothering Hera so early in the morning. Unable to sleep she had showered, dressed, and found herself ready for the day all before the sun had peaked from the clouds. The sky was just lighting up as she stood before her mother’s suite door, wondering if Hera was even the breakfast type. 

On the upside her mother could be awake and wanting food as well, maybe even excited at the idea of spending the early morning with her youngest daughter.

On the downside, she could still be fast asleep and highly irritated at being woken.

Hebe knew the rage of Hera, even from a simple act of waking her, could be petrifying, but with the lack of interaction she’d had with, well, anyone since her arrival she figured she had nothing to lose.

Biting her lip in slight fear and anticipation, Hebe knocked thrice on the wooden door. “Mother? Are-are you awake?”

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Training field - @Ares 

The sky was cloudless and bright as Hebe stepped from the Academy walls out into the open for the first time in days. After taking her time settling in, Hebe had decided she needed to pay a visit to her siblings she knew had already arrived. Thankfully, Hephaestus had yet to join them, so the awkward tension between her and the rest of her family regarding him had not yet sparked.

Luckily though, Hebe had a strong hunch as to where she could find Ares, as he was usually found out on the grounds strengthening his training. Weaving through the trees and walkways, she found herself approaching the flat land that was littered with archery stations, dummies, and other training objects that were beyond Hebe’s comprehension. Even though she had tended to Ares when he returned to Olympus from his wars, his descriptions of weapons and tactics on the war field had always blown over her.

Surely enough, there stood a figure on the field that she knew even from a distance was none other than Ares. Breaking into a smile, and then a run, Hebe ran toward him, not quite thinking about arrows flying or swords being swung.

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Hebe is back!  

sorry for my absence, I was at Disney and was way too exhausted every night to do anything on tumblr. But I’m back and ready to start RPing with everyone so shoot me a message if you’d like to interact with Hebe! :)

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You could say that. It is good to see you as well, my love. I hope you should enjoy your time here far more than I.

Oh Mother, I do hope you’ll keep an open mind and try to enjoy yourself here. At least you’ll have your children, and Father, that is something is it not?

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Hello, my dear niece. I hope you’re well.

I am quite well, Amphitrite. I’m enjoying making the Academy my home, though I’ve only ever known life on Olympus so this is proving .. interesting. And how are you fairing? I feel it’s been ages since we’ve spoken. 

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I guess it was time for an extended family reunion, it’s good to see you all.

I guess it was time for an extended family reunion, it’s good to see you all.

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